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Who we are

Hi, I'm Ashley- creator and owner of Sword Songs. I get to raise 2 beautiful children, Judson and Ruby and I'm married to my best friend, Jason. My background is in leading worship, singing/songwriting, and teaching Music. If you knew me before kids you might have seen me play with my band, Ashley Gatta & The Free People. You might also have a picture of me with dreadlocks...because that happened. I like a lot of things...coffee, traveling, chips and salsa after my kids go to bed (while watching Netflix with subtitles on, because of the crunching, obviously), and my biggest dream is for God to use me to raise up a generation of children who have God's word written on their heart, forever, through these Sword Songs. If even one kid can recall God's truth now or in 10 years, this will have been worth the effort. 

What we do

Our goal is to equip families and Children's Ministries with the tools you need to help your kids memorize scripture. We believe the best way to memorize God's word starts with a simple melody. We take scripture and set it song to make it easy to memorize God's word. We don't add any extra lyrics, there is no face-melting guitar solo, and there is no inspirational chorus. Each song is simply the scripture and the scripture reference. That's it. Because if you're trying to memorize the Bible, the extra fluff just gets in the way. With a background in Music Education and in making records, we are able to create songs that are simple and singable for children, plus they are catchy and fun. You might even find yourself memorizing some scripture along the way.

How we do it

"This is how we do it, it's Friday night and I feel alright..." Alright, now that we got that out of our systems... We create songs, but we know you need more than just an mp3 to truly engage your kids. Sword Songs are available exclusively as a digital download and we offer a variety of bundles with each Sword Song collection we release. Each bundle contains multiple elements to accommodate different learning styles and involve the whole brain. Each bundle will always include the Sword Songs that you'll teach your kids. In many we will also offer the lyrics and chords in case you're feeling folksy and you want to play along, printables for you to keep the verses posted and on your brains the whole time you're trying to learn them, videos with hand motions (these are especially helpful in a church setting or if you have an older kiddo that can help teach your littles), and a teaching guide with some tips for how you can implement Sword Songs into your routine. The contents of each bundle will be listed in the product description. Our goal is to offer several option that work within your needs and your budget.

Our story

I can think of several different mini-stories that led to the creation of Sword Songs. There is the story of a little girl (me) who attended VBS in second grade and forgot every memory verse she was taught except for the one that she still sings in her head when she needs a word of truth..."You are forgiving and good, O Lord. Abounding in love to all who call to you." There is also the story of a young woman (still me) who tried to "make it" in music and decided to work as a teacher to fund her not-so-lucrative career as a singer/songwriter. And she ended up really loving teaching! Oh, and there is the story of a mom who learned how to make records from her home studio (while her kids were napping) so she could record an EP to encourage other moms. All these little stories are part of a bigger story. And here's the bigger story.


Our home church loves our kids really well. So well that they invest in them each Sunday by teaching them truth and praying for them and by encouraging them to memorize scripture. I remembered how helpful scripture melodies had been as a memorization tool for myself over the years, so I offered to create some for the kids at our church to use each month as they learned God's word. Our children's minister graciously accepted the offer, and month by month our team of volunteers would teach this group of eager children a new memory verse song. The results were so encouraging as kids were singing the Bible with pride and confidence. It was humbling and uplifting and it made me want to do more. So while the Children's ministry expanded their budget for the prize box (yes, there was more incentive to memorization than the immeasurable benefit of writing God's word on their little hearts), I got to work creating Sword Songs. And, Lord willing, our story is just beginning.