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We set scripture to music and make it easy to memorize God's word

We have a big dream. A really big dream. We want to see a generation of children with God's word written on their hearts.

Forever. We want them to learn His truth now and learn it in a way that it will not depart from them. We know that God's people are prone to wander, and our prayer is that there will always be a still small voice pulling them back, and a melody in their hearts speaking truth along the way.

That's why we created Sword Songs. Take a look around our site, we are excited to connect with you!

Learn a little more about Sword Songs.
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What are Sword Songs?

Sword Songs are memory verses set to music and they make learning scripture a whole lot easier and more fun. They are designed to be a teaching tool for adults as we help our littles learn God's word. Use them at home or in church- wherever and whenever you are encouraging Scripture memory.